All The Ways We Love OPI Gel Color For Summer

Written by POSH May 10 2022

Whether clients are staying close or hopping on a plane to someplace warm, after the past few months, everyone is more than excited to plan a summer getaway. As time off gets closer, they’ll be busy finishing up last-minute work obligations, making sure their new hat gets delivered in time, and deciding what to do with their nails. It wouldn't be a vacation without the obligatory pre-vacation mani/pedi so the only question left to answer is whether they should get a classic polish or invest in a gel service instead. Read on to discover why OPI Gel Color is an ideal service for any summer getaway and why your clients should opt for this choice. ## No Chipping No matter what they do, some clients will experience smudges and chips the second they leave the salon. While we all love classic nail lacquer for its ability to easily change shades and create a beautiful finish, some clients need the long-lasting wear that OPI Gel Color affords them. Due to the fact that the Gel Color is fully cured before they leave the salon, there is no need to worry about ruining the finish before takeoff. ## Brilliant Shine Serving as a shield for the natural nail, OPI Gel Color will protect nails from breaking, snagging, or tearing. In addition to protecting the natural nail, it will give tips a brilliant shine that won't fade after a few days away. If you’re interested in learning more about the OPI Gel Color system and how it can improve the strength of nails, tune into the latest OPI Virtual Sessions: OPI System Focus: Gel Color on!. Click here for more info. ## Durable Results The impeccable shine and delectably smooth finish are obvious bonuses, but the real reason we love gel polish while on vacation is that it lasts much longer than a traditional lacquer application because it won't chip from exposure to water, making it a safe bet if you plan on spending your days in the sand and surf! While it could be possible for clients to touch up nails on the go or find a manicurist on vacation, investing in an OPI Gel Color service before they go means clients won’t need to take time away from their holiday to worry about the upkeep of their nails. With the ability to last up to three weeks, OPI Gel Color is a no-brainer! ! Does this work? Crossed out!